Power impact aerobic kickboxing techniques set to high-energy music.  Learn exciting partner drills in dedicated boxing room with mirrors.  Master Griffin will show you how to wrap your hands like the pros and punch like one in this class.  Great all around cross training program.  State of the art equipment to enhance training.  Master Griffin will show you how to use increase your speed, power and flexibility. Reduce stress while improving your self-image.  Try our Unique form of cardiovascular kickoxing that is interwoven with martial arts techniques and a music tempo that will even challenge the most highly conditioned athlete. 

Course Code: Ja0222kbk
Cost $387.00 includes gear
Mon and Wed at 6:35 pm - 7:35 pm    Session #1 starts Jan 14, 2008
Method of payment--> Call 612-408-3626 to make arrangements
Click here for class registration
for 12 weeks for $387.00