Cost: $387 includes gear  boot camp    3 Months 
Cost: $99 Introductory Trial Program   3 weeks

Cost: $19.99 Essentials Fast Start     3 classes

Jab...Jab...Cross...Kick... Focus.  That's it.  The Kardioarts Kickin' and Punchology is different from anything you've ever done.  You'll not only be exicited about the classes because they are fun and motivating, but you will sculpt your body, lean and strong, burn fat like never before, and even develop some basic self-defense skills.  You'll punch and kick yourself into fighting condition.  Kardioarts Kickin' and Punchology is different and more fun by far than old step aerobic, Jazzercize and old health clubs stand by.  It is designed to strengthen upper and lower body, tone, improve flexibility and develop aerobic conditioning.

Course Code:  # Ja0333kkp-mg
 Wed and Fri 7:45 pm - 8:30 pm   
Session #1 anytime   
Cost: $387 includes gear                         3 Months boot camp
Cost: $99 Introductory Trial Program       3 weeks

Cost: $19.99 Essentials Fast Start           3 classes-