Chong Bong 3,   Griffin Martial Arts

Tan Belt to Brown Belt


CHA-RYAT (attention), KYUNG-NET (bow), Tan-jin (breathing),CHUN-BEE (ready stance)

1.                  Step right foot back into left foot front-stance; at same time, right hand ridgehand strike to rear, past right shoulder and left hand palm down block to low section (groin area). Then switch positions of hands by lowering right hand to palm down block to low section and left hand ridgehand strike to rear, past left shoulder. NOTE: hands cross in center of mid-section of chest on way up and down. Then S-L-O-W-L-Y, leaning forward slightly, bring open right hand up to mid-chest area in a tiger mouth position. At same time bring left hand forward into a palm-strike attack to high. Expel air from lungs S-L-O-W-L-Y while assuming this final position.

2.                  Right foot front kick into front stance, double-punch, right then left.

3.                  Pivot into back-stance; inside middle-block with right arm.

4.                  Left foot front kick into front stance; double punch, left then right.

5.                  Pivot into back stance; inside middle-block with left arm.

6.                  Double step (both into front stances) with double lunge punches, right then left (final position will be left foot forward front stance). LOUD KIHAP on second step/punch.


7.                  NON-PIVOTING Low right foot round-kick to groin; 90