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Grand Master Instructor and President

Keith C.  Griffin 8th Degree Black Belt,

American Karate system & American Taekwondo   

Taekwondo is famed for its employment of kicking techniques, which distinguishes it from martial arts such as Karate or certain southern styles of Kung Fu. The rationale is that the leg is the longest and strongest weapon a martial artist has, and kicks thus have the greatest potential to strike without retaliation.

Taekwondo as a sport and exercise is popular with people of both sexes and of many ages. Physically, Taekwondo develops strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina. An example of the union of mental and physical discipline is the breaking of boards, which requires both physical mastery of the technique and the concentration to focus one's strength.

The five tenets of Taekwondo (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, indomitable spirit) reflect that Taekwondo is a mental discipline as well as a physical one. Taekwondo helps students develop improved awareness, confidence, focus, discipline, memory, and respect. Some schools even have student creeds or oaths that describe Taekwondo's goals for personal improvement.


Tae-Kwon-Do Song Moo Kwan was developed from Tae Kyon, which was first heard of 1,200 years ago.  tae Kyon is a form of foot fighting that is still practiced today. Grand Master Byung Jick Ro developed hand techniques, more foot techniques and combined these with Tae Kyon to form whatis noww Tae-Kwon-Do.  The leg techniques are still considered more important because they are more effective, more powerful and can reach further thanthe hands.

Meaning of Tae-Kwon-Do Song Moo Kwan :

Tae  - Kicking, jumping, stepping or flying of feet
Kwon - Punching, striking of the hand or fist
Do - art, technique, or way of
Song - evergreen tree, which depicts youth or health everlasting (Grand Master Ro chose Song because of his birthplace, which was Song Do city.
Song Do was the capital city of Koryu, where he first heard talk of Tae Kyon and opened the first school of Tae-Kwon-Do Song Moo Kwan).
Moo - Study, Training

Kwan - gymnasium, class or house of study

Traditional and Effective
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Tournament and Competition team
Black Belt Club
All-Star Leadership Club
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Types of Students We Service

Grades 1-7

All Belt Ranks



kardioarts kickboxing 
Grand Master Griffin
National Tournament Champion

Kickboxing Trainer


We can say with all sincerity that the quality of our service is second to none.

?                Strength and fitness conditioning, including competitions, promoting healthy eating habits and exercise!
?         Karate Classes, including new self defense techniques that you have never seen before, new forms, learn to compete in tournaments and much more.



Griffin KardioArts Basic KickBoxing Level 1
This is  a great class for beginners and also for those who want to learn how to Kickbox without getting hit. Learn effective fundamentals and proper body mechanics in KardioArts KickBoxing.   We utilize griffropes {with no middle} jump rope,  floor standing wavemaster heavy bags, Cross trainers, ring work, focus pads, kicking paddles, hanging heavy bags and drills. Master Griffin has developed this course with the person with no experience in mind. Master Griffin and his Assistant Instructors will help you reach the highest possible fitness level. The goal is to give the student confidence in applied offensive and defensive techniques. Build endurance, coordination, timing, accuracy, flow then speed and power. Using Music and Exciting Combinations to build the class to a high level of training. Participant will obtain an understanding of self-defense and attain physical fitness goals while training. Hand-wraps and gloves are necessary. Flat sneakers or Boxing shoes encouraged.
Mondays and Wednesday  at 5:00am - 5:45am    

Mondays and Wednesday  at 8:00am - 8:45am

Mondays and Wednesday  at 8:45am- 9:30am  

Tuesday and Thursday  at 5:00am - 5:45am

Tuesday and Thursday  at 5:45am-6:30am

Tuesday and Thursday  at 6:30am-7:15am         
Griffin KardioArts Advanced  KickBoxing Level 2
This a great for those who workout and are still beginners. Level 2 is for those who want to learn how to Kickbox at a more intense level by coming 4 times a week. Learn Advanced KickBoxing drills & skills and proper body mechanics in KardioArts KickBoxing. Master Griffin will help you and assist you with helping you reach the highest possible technique level. The goal is to give the student confidence in applied Advanced  KickBoxing techniques. Build attack flow drills, faster reflexes, more power, spin kicks, and KardioArts hand techniques. Flat sneakers or Boxing shoes encouraged.
 Wednesday and Fridays at 7:45pm-8:30pm   

gh each Taekwondo club or school will be different, a Taekwondo student can typically expect to take part in most or all of the following:

  • Learning the techniques and curriculum of Taekwondo
  • An aerobic workout, including stretching
  • Self-defense techniques
  • Poomse, or patterns -- either tuls, hyongs, palgwes, or taeguks
  • Sparring, including step-sparring and/or free-style
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Breaking (using techniques to break boards for martial arts demonstrations)
  • Exams to progress to the next rank
  • A focus on discipline, honor, etiquette, respect, and self confidence.

Some of the most well known taekwondo techniques include:

  • Front Kick: This is a very linear kick. The practitioner raises his knee to his waist and snaps his foot at an opponent.
  • Side Kick: A very powerful kick that has somewhat fallen out of favor as competition has become progressively faster. Again the practitioner raises his knee, but this time thrusts his foot out to the side.
  • Roundhouse Kick: The practitioner raises his knee and spins his kick horizontally across his target.
  • Hook Kick: A less popular kick traditionally, it has found increasing favor in modern competitions. The practitioner raises the knee in a fashion similar to the side kick, then extends the foot in a dorsal arc (would be clock-wise for the right foot) with the heel as the intended striking weapon.
  • Axe Kick: Another kick that has increased in popularity due to sparring competitons. The knee is raised in front of the body, the leg then extended and pulled down with the heel pointed downward. It is typically targeted toward the head or shoulders and requires significant flexibility to employ effectively.
  • Spin Kicks: There are a number of spinning kicks that involve the rotation of the entire body before the kick is released. Spinning kicks include the spinning side kick, spinning hook kick, spinning axe kick, and a number of other kicks of varying popularity.
  • Jump Kicks: There are also a number of kicks that involve jumping before their execution. These include jumping front kick, jumping side kick, flying side kick, jumping roundhouse (sometimes referred to as butterfly kick, although this term is at times used for a distinct kick separate from the jumping roundhouse), jumping spinning hook kick, and jump spinning side kick.

Some Taekwondo instructors also incorporate the use of pressure points as well as self-defense techniques borrowed from other Korean arts, such as Hapkido and Yudo.

See also: List of Taekwondo techniques, Kick


Traditionally there are ten color belt levels, called gup (or kup) ranks, and nine black belt levels, called degree or dan ranks. Each color of belt (white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, red, red and black, black (Changes depending on which syllabus or style the competitor is studying)) having a specific meaning; for instance, white signifies innocence, as that of a beginning student who has no previous knowledge of Taekwon-Do.


Your Journey Into The Martial Arts

The world-wide popularity of the martial arts and their endurance for over twenty centuries is due to the tangible benefits martial arts students derive from them. Through proper training, one can achieve any or all of the following.








In today's competitive, results oriented, demanding and often hectic world, the need cannot be overestimated for preparing oneself to cope with the daily pressures of life. However, be patient, persevere and try to achieve slowly but steadily. It takes time to break old, bad habits and to develop new skills, confidence, a sharper mind and a more fit body.

STRENGTH: Strength does not come easily, but it can be developed and improved if you concentrate on it. As students of the martial arts, we should all concentrate on developing our physical and mental strength.

PHYSICAL: To increase physical strength, you must exercise regularly and strive for slow and gradual gain. Calisthenics including those done in your classes, progressive resistance training and weight training are some ways to increase your physical strength.

MENTAL: Mentally, you must develop the power to resist stress and fear in order to be able to sustain or resist stress and fear in order to be able to sustain or resist an attack. Moral courage, as well as your degree of concentration and intensity, are also forms of mental strength.

STAMINA: Stamina refers to physical and mental endurance. Well developed endurance gives you the power to withstand hardship and stress. To endure is to persevere; to remain constant to a goal or purpose regardless of obstacles or problems that may occur.

PHYSICAL: To improve your physical stamina or endurance you must perform aerobic exercise regularly and raise your heart rate 75% of its maximum. Maintain this level for a minimum of 20 minutes, 3 to 4 times per week, and you will make progress toward improving your stamina and cardiovascular endurance. The following are some examples of excellent aerobic exercises: Martial Arts including Kickboxing, Fast walking, Running, Bicycling, Swimming & Cross Country Skiing.

MENTAL: In the martial arts, mental stamina is a great advantage. It's the slight edge that may allow you to out-last an opponent or challenge. Well developed mental stamina will help you learn to look at obstacles and problems as challenges. It will permit you to overcome these challenges and accomplish your goals.





Put good things into your body and you'll realize good results. Fill your body with

junk food and garbage, and it won't perform with the proper intensity necessary to

reach Black Belt level skills and confidence.

Poor eating habits result in lack of energy, depression and moodiness, as well as excess

body fat. Proper eating habits provide you with more energy to perform better at

martial arts, work and other activities that you enjoy. Putting the right "fuel" into

your tank will help you maintain a positive and enthusiastic outlook on life.

Energy is provided in the form of calories and these come from the foods you eat. Basically, foods are made up of

three groups: Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. High energy, "clean burning" calories come from foods in the

complex carbohydrate and protein groups. Good complex carbohydrates come from fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice,

and whole grains. Good sources of protein are chicken, turkey, fish, beans and nuts. Try to limit your consumption

of red meats (such as beef) and other high-fat foods. Limited fat intake is desired to achieve a quality fitness

level. Also try to avoid foods high in sodium and sugar. Sweets such as candy bars, cakes, and soda tend to give

you a short boost of energy followed by depression and/or fatigue.

It is also important to drink plenty of water (8 to 10 glasses per day) to replenish your body with the fluids you

burn off (drink extra water after heavy workouts). By regularly drinking water you will avoid dehydration and

should feel an increase in your energy level.

Needless to say, smoking, consumption of alcohol, and the use of drugs are totally discouraged. They inhibit your



Our system is designed to see everyone make gradual, steady progress toward optimum

physical and mental development. This progress is measured through a built-in goal system

and incentive program with structured belt levels. The steps to Black Belt is referred to as


In the beginning phases, the belts represent short term goals that are obtained by learning

basic forms, techniques and katas, and following general guidelines. As you gain knowledge

you should also gain confidence in your ability to achieve your goals. Gradually, you

will learn to set more difficult, long term goals. As you climb the ladder toward Black Belt,

your knowledge and skill will increase as well as your capacity to concentrate and learn.

These higher levels of development require pursuit of a stronger mind and a more fit body,

along with an increase in regular practice and class attendance.


Properly incorporated onto you daily routine, your martial arts training will help you maintain a positive outlook

on life. You will develop many skills that will help you achieve success in your goals. There are seven keys that

can unlock the doors to success for each of us. They are desire, visualization, certainty, relaxation, focused attention,

strong self image and repetition. You martial arts training will employ each of these keys. You must build

the desire to set goals for yourself, visualize these goals in your mind, be certain that you will achieve them, relax

and focus your energies on you goals, maintain confidence in your ability to succeed and try repeatedly until you

do. The person who is willing to try, to do, and finally to accomplish will be successful.

The discipline, control, perseverance and hard work that are required to master the martial arts will result in enormous

satisfaction for a job well-done to the best of your ability.. The martial arts are a demanding but rewarding

task to master. Work hard, learn the skills well and apply them only for good, and they will provide you with life

long benefits. Always keep in mind that your responsibility as a martial artist is to develop yourself in a positive

manner, physically, mentally and spiritually.










Welcome to Griffin Martial Arts.

Congratulations on your decision to take the challenge towards personal excellence! The purpose of this pamphlet is to make your start with our school easy and comfortable. Included are class times, people to call for information

&  rules and structure of the school.


Attendance is the key to progress. A minimum of two classes per week are required to gain the benefits at Griffin Martial Arts offers.



You will receive a membership card in the mail. It is your responsibility to carry your membership

card to every class. Please "swipe" your membership card prior to class at the front counter. You will then be given credit for that class. Please remember that advancement through the ranks is highly dependent on your attendance.



Please refer to your schedule for class times. We highly recommend you attend class at a rate of two to three times per week. We also recommend you attend class on consistent days and times each week to make your attendance with our school part of your weekly schedule.

If for some reason you are not able to attend class we ask you call the school and inform the secretary.



Please pick up the "Black Belt Schools of America Monthly Newsletter" at the counter. The newsletter is filled with information to educate and assist parents and students. Most upcoming events are also inserted in the newsletter.






Parents dropping off children should do so ten minutes prior to the class and pick them up within ten minutes of class ending. The school becomes very busy around class times and we can not be responsible for watching unattended children.



Students in TAEKWONDO show their progress in the art by

the color of the belt they wear. Each color belt is a step toward the goal of Black Belt. Requirements for each belt differ for TINY TIGERS little dragons, kids, teens and adults. For TINY TIGERS, little dragons and kids we hand out requirement sheets at the beginning

of each new cycle or quarter. The progression towards BLACK BELT goes as follows -- white, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, blue, purple, tan, brown, brown/ red, red ,red/black then Black Belt.








The purpose of stripe and belt testing is to make sure each student is progressing on schedule.

Testing for belts and stripes are done during the second week of every month. During certain

times of the year we must change testing week, so please watch announcements.

During the second week of the month students will have a last review on Monday and Tuesday

then Wednesday or Thursday our students take a progress check during their regular class time.

For each progress check the student passes they will receive a color stripe on their belt. Kids,

adults and teens, in the beginning stages of the program will earn their next color belts after

three stripes.

The color stripes represent a quality of a champion

Red                    = Intensity

White                =Speed

Blue                   =Power

Black                 =Focus

Green                 =Growth or Accuracy

Gold                   =Excellence

Once a student receives three stripes they will return for a graduation ceremony and receive

their new belt. Little Dragons have their own ranking system. Once a Little Dragon is recommended

for kids class they will begin the standard children's ranking system beginning at Yellow


Students in our Basic Training Course must submit their graduation form and fees prior to





Students who budget their programs will make payments directly to GMA, USING PAYPAL, VISA, MASTERCARD AND AMEX, CHECKS AND CASH



Student uniform consists of a black traditional karate uniform plus a belt. Students who are members of the BLACK BELT CLUB will wear a black & blue v-neck uniform. Members of the Master Club will wear a  red & black v-neck  uniform. On Saturdays you are allowed to wear a school t-shirt, traditional karate pants plus your belt.



Parents are encouraged to watch classes. All we ask is that you respect the class by remaining quiet & that if you are bringing younger children with you that you keep them quiet & under control.





The BLACK BELT CLUB is a special two year membership for those students who wish to train

and receive their black belt. The curriculum taught is more extensive than that of the Basic Training Course. Students will learn and train in required forms and sparring, as well as learn jump and spinning kicks. Students may upgrade from the Basic Training Course to the Black Belt course at any time. Once your Basic Program expires enrollment in the BBC is mandatory.

Students who are looking for additional training in traditional martial arts weapons or tools are invited to join our Master Club. Advanced weapons is taught in our weapons club

Eventually you may wish to take your training to a new level and become an assistant instructor or an instructor. We have a very intensive Leadership Program to help you meet that goal.




The Special Winning Attitude Team consists of students from the BLACK BELT CLUB. You

must be asked to be a part of the team by your Instructors. Duties of the S.W.A.T.

team include helping with classes, demonstrations, competition and assisting with special events.



Periodically we hold competitions at the school. We also support state tournaments promoted by other Minnesota  Black Belt Schools of America owners. Tournaments the School feels are

suitable for our students are posted on the bulletin board. Any student wishing Master Griffin.



If for any reason you fall behind and need extra help see a Team Member (staff). Achieving

goals at Griffin Martial Arts is one of the most vital instruments used in building our student's

confidence. Communications, teamwork and action are essential for the benefits to be obtained.



The schedule will be modified for the holidays. Notification of all holiday schedules are posted

on the calendar over the entrance way to the main floor. We are closed New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgivings Day and Christmas.



If you will be missing class for vacation or illness for a period of more than one week, please

notify the secretary. Time you miss can then be added to the end of your program or made up on your return.



The school is available for birthday parties on Saturdays. A "Karate Party" includes a class, pizza, soft drinks, paper goods, games and prizes. The entire party is 1 1/2 hours and also includes a Free second class and uniform for all the guests. Cost for 15 children is only

$169.00. Students enrolled on our All-Star Leadership Training Course will receive complimentary birthday parties.




Kids are allowed to start sparring once they join our Black Belt Club

Also students are required to wear proper safety equipment when attending these classes.







Griffin Martial Arts school patch - left chest

Korean Flag---Right sleeve

American Flag--- Left sleeve

Black Belt Club PatchRight chest

Master Clubbelow Black Belt Club patch

Weapons Club-








Attendance StarsDown Lapels

ALL-STAR leaders and instructor club Patch

All+American Dojang Owners Club Patch--

Outstanding Attendance right sleeve

Black Belt Schools Internationaljust below Collar on the back of the uniform

Team Patches --left chest


            Lil' Dragon

            Jumpin' Jaguars

            Hi' Flyin' Eagles

            Awesome Adult Warriors








If you have left something behind, we put it in the lost and found. Please see your instructor

and they will try to help you locate it. All items are held for 8 weeks before being discarded.


Substantial discounts are available for family training. The second family member is full price.

All other family members train FREE.


These karate dollars may be used towards the purchase of supplies in our school store.


New students will receive 4 guest passes, named PASS A FRIEND shortly after enrollment.

These are for you to pass out to friends that you feel would benefit from our program. As a token

of our appreciation you will notice a list of gifts you will receive for recommending our s