Instructor Name:mastergriffin

grand master Keith Griffin 8th Degree Black Belt Program Director, Webmaster, Sales, Marketing and Advertising Manager


Other Information:r. Keith Griffin learned traditional Tae Kwon Do and its philosophy before reaching high school.  From his first Korean Master  Instructor Jun (Jay) Hyon 8th degree Black Belt, he learned that Tae Kwon Do with all its potential power is a gentle art.  Mr. Griffin earned his First Degree Black Belt while a senior at Minneapolis Central High School at the age of 17.  As a competitor Mr. Griffin has traveled extensively and has earned over 200 trophies, plaques and ribbons, ranging from weapons competition to free fighting.  Now a 7th Degree Black Belt Mr. Griffin openly shares the knowledge that competition experience has given him.  Teaching his students to compete and become champions. As coach of the Junior Olympic Team and Head Coach of Team Kick, Mr. griffin's students have won Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals as well as over 400 trophies, with these numbers expecting to increase.


Master Griffin Has trained with some World Champions GrandMaster Joe Lewis 10th Degree Black Belt and private Student of Bruce Lee

World Champion Mike Chat, Televsion (Chad Lee the blue Power Ranger) and creator of the Xtreme Martial Arts  or XMA World Champion Steve Nasty Anderson,  Larry Hartsell Weapon Grappling, Wayne Daghlish Bo forms World Champion, World PKA Full Contact middle weight Champion Bill "SuperFoot" Wallace In addition Mr. Griffin promotes the GMAA Internal Karate Championships and the Hall of Fame Classic. Mr. Griffin teaches to expect the unexpected, to look-listen and learn, to expect excellence, to be champions not just winners. THIS IS A BLACK BELT SCHOOL AND WE'RE ON A QUEST TO DO OUR BEST.